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Watering container much and how often?

Several ideas for watering indoor container plants include:

~Save the water that eggs or vegetables were boiled in and use it to water indoor plants.(cool first) This water is mineral-rich and will boost plant growth.

~Collect rainwater or snow to water indoor plants-allow water to warm up to room temperature before watering. Collected water is softer than tap water and it has the added bonus of being free! (saves on water bills)

~All plants need water to survive, how much depends on the type of plant, the size of the plant, and what time of year it is. A good rule of thumb is to water the plant when the soil feels dry to the touch. Water the plant thoroughly until it comes out of the bottom of the pot. Empty the dish so the plant does not sit in water. "Soggy sneakers" can kill a plant as quickly if not faster than not enough water!
I know it might sound obvious but big plants need more water than smaller ones do. Some large plants might need to be watered daily as a smaller plant might only need to be watered once a week. When watering, use water that is room temperature and do not use water that has been softened as it contains too much sodium and can damage your plants.

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