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Flower gardening tips

Flower gardening tips to assure your flower garden continues to bloom from spring until fall through the use of seeds, flowering bulbs, and other plants.
Blooming flowers burst upon us almost the moment the sun begins to melt the snow. A warm, welcome burst of color usually is provided by the vivacious crocus, which gets the show started by pushing up their bright yellow and purple heads through the last remnants of snow, heralding the onset of spring.
From there, bulbs such as the daffodil, narcissi and tulip begin to dot flowerbeds with scarlets and pinks, and a multitude of yellow and orange shades. Then come peonies, painted daisies, day lilies, Shasta daisies, lavender, pansies, and hollyhock. Finally, phlox, dragon's teeth, globe thistle, sunflowers, moonflower, and hostas will bring forth their perspective blossoms.
The sight of all this beauty is breathtaking. However, there are times when a garden showcases various shades of green, brown, and grey...and nothing else......for more please visit Flowers &