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Flower Bed Ideas ~ The Perennial Border Garden

PRE-PLANNED GARDENS take some of the guesswork out of gardening. Even if you don't know a delphinium from a day lily, garden plans and the plants that come with them are package deals designed for success. All you have to do is dig a few holes and prepare to accept the compliments.

Here's the crowning touch of Spring Hill's special Pre Planned Gardens -- a well planned Flower Bed Idea --a Complete NeverEnding Perennial Border Garden designed by gardening experts to provide beauty for your landscape from spring through fall. The garden has been created to fill a 18'x8' border, combining spring-, summer- and autumn-flowering perennials in an "everblooming" ribbon of color. An ideal mixture with something always coming into bloom, it has plenty of tall accents and enough "flower power" for both border display and cutting. And it comes back faithfully every year. Each of the 63 prime quality plants will provide increased beauty year after year, with a minimum of care, and is fully protected by the Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction. Detailed planting instructions and diagram will be included with your shipment.

This wonderful preplanned garden includes 63 of the prime quality plants listed below:

  • 1 Zebra Grass

  • 3 Blue Fringed Daisies

  • 3 Cranberry Apple Fantasia Mum

  • 3 Moonbeam Coreopsis

  • 3 Red Coral Bells

  • 6 Dragon's Blood Sedum

  • 6 Lily-of-the-Valley

  • 3 Double Hollyhocks

  • 3 Mixed Lupines

  • 3 Super Shasta Daisy

  • 1 Jungle Princess Daylily

  • 3 Laced Romeo Carnation

  • 3 Moorheim Beauty Phlox

  • 3 Blue Chip Campanulas

  • 3 Mixed Hardy Primrose

  • 3 Mixed Monarda

  • 3 Tall Hybrid Phlox

  • 3 Black Eyed Susan

  • 3 Achillea 'The Pearl'

  • 3 Pink Dragonflowers

  • 1 Royal Standard Hosta

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