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Dreaming About Spring!

Oh, the cold weather has hit....after a very mild winter. I was dreaming about spring today when my White Flower Farm Catalog arrived in the mail. It was just the thing I needed to chase the "winter blues" away!

If roses are what you fancy, White Flower Farm offers a delicious array of colors and varieties that are sure to satisfy every gardener.

Tips from White Flower Farm:
To encourage Roses to rebloom:
~Remove spent blooms by cutting their stems back to a point just above a five-parted leaf. After the first bloom cycle of summer has passed, add a topdressing of fertilizer(10-15-10)
~Keep spider miles and blackspot fungus under control.
~Train some of the new canes to a horizontal position-this induces the formation of flower buds-by attaching their tips to short stakes, a technique called pegging.

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